Bookings for 2022 are now open, Sacred Spaces is not taking any new clients for the year 2021.

Spiritual website design, intuitive web design, alternative and energetic graphic design, hosting and online business strategies for spiritually aware individuals and businesses.

Sacred Spaces is the spiritual web and graphic design extension of neriKdesign. Sacred Spaces specialises in projects aspiring to be energetically unique, spiritually progressive and sustainable. I am passionate about partnering with those who aim to have a positive and life changing impact via their online activities.

I can help you create and present your spiritual web based business professionally whilst maintaining the integrity of your spiritual core and beliefs. Sacred Spaces Web Design aspires to develop websites for holistic health practices, alternative and energetic healers, paranormal societies, mediums and psychics.

Bookings for 2022 are now open, Sacred Spaces is not taking any new clients for the year 2021. If you would like to chat about booking a website for 2022, please contact me.

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Sacred Spaces is unavailable Australia Day, Easter, Christmas, Anzac Day and all Australian Long Weekends.

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"When a client contacted me to let me know my website had been hacked, I contacted my previous website builder to discover that she was no longer in the business of building websites. I then began the daunting process of sourcing a new website builder, a stressful process when carried out under pressure of time and and deadlines for upcoming presentations where a live website was required within 7 days.

I decided I needed someone who would understand the language of my business, the sensitivity of the clientele who are drawn to my counselling/spiritual work as well as the products that are of a healing and spiritual nature.

Within a few minutes of narrowing my search down to my ideal website builder, my stress faded instantly as Neri's name popped up describing her website services and her commitment to building spiritual websites with passion, care and integrity. I knew immediately that Neri was the one! After a couple of emails back and forth, the most important thing that stood out was that Neri was fully committed to my vision of the website and also had an endless amount of ideas to offer which recreated my website to be bigger and better than it had been before.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise with my previous website being hacked as it did not compare even marginally to what Neri created.

Her knowledge and expertise shines through in the pages of my new website, she not only is competent and passionate about what she does, Neri had my website built within a few short days working day and night to have it ready in time for the presentation that I was delivering within that time frame. During the time of working together, we developed a great partnership, Neri’s dedication to my website is evident in all aspects of the site.

I appreciate her attention to detail, also my own ideas being understood and honoured and Neri's creative genius bringing new and expanded life to my website. What a blessing it was to find Neri, as it turns out, our partnership will continue over the years as Neri is committed to continually work with her clients even after the website has been completed. Her initial price includes monthly service updates and edits, something that wasn't offered to me by the previous website builder and I feel it is of utmost importance in a world where technology is changing by the minute. I feel reassured knowing that I don’t have to deal with website edits and additions when they're required and can just focus on what I do best and leave website matters to the best, who in this field is Neri!"
- Francesca Abbonizio - Founder of The Rose Essences

Sacred Spaces Web Design combines integrity and excellence with my own spiritual desire to bring beauty and balance to my website and graphic design clients, and their clients. Whether website designing and hand coding, re-designing, educating or long term maintaining - I value transparency, honesty and always strive for best results.

Convert your ideas to a beautiful and successful website! Through hand coding I offer design and layout flexibility. No templates to stifle your imagination. My goal is dedication to providing a web design service which is both out of the box, and yet strictly compliant to online standards, giving you a unique foundation on which to build an amazing online presence.

How I add value to my work

  • an intuitive and energetically inspired web and graphic designer
  • someone committed to integrity and therefore helping you stay true to yourself
  • intuitive web design for your spiritual or alternative business
  • someone willing to give intuitive suggestions improving content, images, design layout
  • someone who has a commitment to perfection
  • website and email hosting with Australia's most reliable hosting company
  • no templates such as Wix or Wordpress; complete html and css hand coding
  • creativity and flexibility to bring your dream to life
  • graphic design work including banners, posters, flyers, business cards
  • long term support; I stay with you post launch, for as long as you like
  • no outsourcing, no third parties, just me
  • your success is my success, a great looking website, a successful online business

Animal Welfare

Neri loves to sponsor animal welfare and rescue, and here are four of her favourites

Sacred Spaces as a Long Term Business Partner

By partnering with me long term, you have access to the same person and code of conduct throughout the life of the website. Sacred Spaces can maintain, update, grow and refine the website easily, whilst you concentrate on your business and passion.

Sacred Spaces understands online business from multiple perspectives

  • a successful online business owner
  • web design, having hand built over 14,000 pages
  • graphic design, committed to perfection, visual beauty and intuitive design
  • an online researcher, site visitor, business customer and social blogger
  • experience with national and global partners, customers and clients
  • a history of attention to internet activity and behaviour, search engines, algorithms
  • someone who practices spiritual and alternative lifestyles and beliefs


I have been successfully hosting and building websites for 20 years. During that time, I have come to recommend highly these companies and software programs, which I use to run my business, and protect my business from spyware, spam and viruses. See more of my Recommendations via PDF here.

web design for spiritual people
web design for spiritual people

A Few Thoughts

My own spiritual time is very important to me, and also reflects the commitment to excellence and positive energy I bring to my work, and your websites. I am always trying to improve my own work/life balance, and web design is only one of my passions. I ask for your patience and understanding should things not always go as expected.

My personal belief is, things happen according to their own time, and in this they are perfect and complete.

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