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spiritual and alternative web design spiritual and alternative web design spiritual and alternative web design

'Sacred Spaces In Between' is dedicated to sharing experiences and education. Here you will find information and articles on many aspects of running a successful small e-business, web design, graphic design and working within the spiritual industry.

My web design work has spanned 12 years, running a successful online music business and to date building over 7,000 web pages. I now work almost exclusively within the Spiritual industry, and my clients are psychics, mediums, energy healers, lightworkers, reiki masters, paranormal investigators and spirit artists to name but a few.

Part of striving to be a great web designer is feeling the freedom to share information and knowledge with my clients so they can fully embrace and own their online presence. There are many little challenges along the road to building your own business online, and my goal is to shine a light on these and dispel the myths and mystery.

"Well I have to say Nerium Kristina you are my goddess of IT and your wonderful creative flair creating my beautiful new website, business cards, gift cards and banner.
Plus your never ending patience with me when I stuff up .. thanks for picking me up, dusting me off, and helping to create a wonderful new home for Sharon Lee Psychic Medium. Thanks lovely."
Sharon Lee